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ScaleData is a startup company from the University of Tokyo founded to democratize the use of big data. With strengths in data engineering using modern software technologies and analytical technologies such as machine learning, the company is developing its business with a wide range of clients in the automotive, energy, and food industries.


Big Data Infrastructure Service

We provide the big data infrastructure necessary for data analysis and data visualization. We build an infrastructure that enables clients to start data analysis using their own data.
Do you have any of these problems ?
  • Data sources are scattered across multiple applications, making comprehensive analysis and visualization impossible.
  • You have data processing infrastructure, but it is too heavy to be of practical use.
  • There are no highly skilled data engineers in your company.

Machine Learning / Deep Learning Service

We support the development of AI by utilizing our analytical skills. We execute data analysis that generates competitive advantage for your business using data owned by the clients.
Do you have any of these problems ?
  • Want to make more effective use of the big data you have.
  • AI you are using is not accurate enough for practical use.
  • There are no highly skilled data scientists in your company.
The following analytical methods are mainly used.
We offer ScaleLancers as a service that provides contract development of the above two services with high-skilled outsourced members with a selection pass rate of 5%.
ScaleLancers is a development service specializing in the data-tech domain, and is capable of providing all-inclusive support for corporate data utilization from upstream to downstream.



Analyzed Data

Examples of data to be analyzed are below.


We have a particular focus on the use of data primarily in the following industries.
  • Manufacturing
  • Mobility
  • Energy
  • Logistics


Here are some of the technologies we use most frequently.


Snowflake is one of the most popular data warehouse (DWH) services in the world. Its unique architecture enables unparalleled performance maximization, simple operation, and unlimited concurrent processing that conventional DWHs cannot support.
Reason why we use Snowflake
  • Cloud-based SaaS model requires no infrastructure and is easy to deploy.
  • Easy to scale up and down while keeping costs low.
  • Non-engineers can perform analysis, so it is easy for customers to operate the system alone after introduction.
  • No need for data conversion, which reduces management effort.


Fivetran is a SaaS service that automatically builds data pipelines. Setup takes only 5 minutes and requires no maintenance or detailed configuration. Schemas are pre-defined, so no coding is required.
Data can be aggregated into Fivetran using connectors from over 320 services and databases, including Salesforce, Marketo, and Zendesk. Aggregated data is automatically stored in cloud-based data warehouses such as Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, Microsoft Azure, and Google BigQuery.
Why we use Fivetran
  • Data in the DWH is automatically updated, making it maintenance free and dramatically improving analysis results.
  • Over 300 types of connectors are available, so basically any tool can be linked to the DWH.
  • Manual work in case of data errors and inconsistencies is eliminated and automated.
  • Easy to use, so after implementation and support, it can be easily operated by the client alone.


Tableau is a tool for data visualization. With its intuitive UI, it is suitable for quick data visualization and drawing out new insights. It is also used for data visualization in all industries around the world because of its ability to smoothly integrate data with various external tools.
Why we use Tableau
  • High degree of freedom in dashboard expression, making it easy to create dashboards tailored to customer needs
  • Connectivity to more than 100 different data sources, so basically any data source can be linked.
  • Easy to operate, and easy to be operated only by the client after implementation support.

Introducing CEO


山田 陸 Riku Yamada


Graduated from the University of Tokyo with a Bachelor's degree in Physical Engineering. Co-founded Grubin while in college, received the University of Tokyo President's Award in 2019. Founded ScaleData Inc. in 2020. Born in Akita, Japan.


  • 2023/04 Head office moved to Minato-ku, Tokyo.
  • 2023/03 Changed the company name to ScaleData Inc.
  • 2023/03 Capital was increased to 10 million yen.


Company Name

ScaleData Inc.


Data analysis, AI development, Data infrastructure development




5F Tensho Office, Akasaka 2-14-11, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan


Riku Yamada


10 million Japanese yen


18 people
How to reach us
3 minutes walk from Machiya Station on Chiyoda Line 3 minutes walk from Machiya Station on Keikyu Main Line


Feel free to contact us.
  • Wish to order development work to us
  • Looking for a development partner
  • Want to discuss how to utilize your own data
  • Wish to conduct PoC with us